The Atlas of Data is an exploration of the relationships between digital and natural ecosystems. From macro to micro, the Atlas describes a common metabolism where collection, exchanges and use of data is tied to our natural environment.

The Chapters

The Atlas of Data is an online and offline project organised around thematics called chapters. More than a systematic inquiry, the Atlas proceeds by experiments bordering art, design and science to depict technological and ecological entanglements.

Scientific data

For each chapter, we collaborate with scientists to select a body of works from the most relevant academic literature. We extract existing imagery - such as maps and visualisations - and archive them on the present website under interactive formats. We explicit the data sources and how they have been produced.

Original Artworks

Based on this scientific corpus, we invite artists to propose interpretations under different forms (visualisations, sound, performance, installations, etc). All artworks are documented and released under public domain on this website for people to download and appropriate.

Workshops & Exhibitions

We collaborate with schools and local stakeholders worldwide to host workshops and exhibitions where anyone can explore, study and learn about data ecosystems and the making of complex representations.